An Interview with the Property Manager
Major Manor, a local real estate investment company, is working to “Raise the Bar” in the Metro Atlanta real estate market. Gena Major, the Property Manager for Major Manor LLC, has worked with her husband to grow the Lithonia, Georgia based business to a total of seventeen properties over the last five years, and the company is on track to purchase an additional four homes by this year’s end. They are also in the midst of developing a small gated subdivision in Southwest Atlanta. When asked whether she was happy and fulfilled in going from her fast-paced, high visibility engineering position, to real estate investment, Gena responds with an emphatic “YES.” In fact, she laughs because although she has a bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering and a top five MBA, it has always been her husband’s preference to have her out of Corporate America. She says her departure from her previous employer was really a blessing, because being able to focus on Major Manor full time has allowed them to spread their wings and aggressively grow their business.

Throughout Major Manor’s growth over the past five years, there have however been some hard lessons and challenges. By far the first was just getting over the fear of being responsible for more than one home, both financially and physically. But upon seeing others invest successfully, going to seminars, and working with others in the real estate business, it became easier to get their feet wet and work some deals. "It's actually fun for my husband and me. And after you get started, you want to do more and more," said Gena. Another lesson Gena says she learned is to trust your business plan and your vision. Bending the rules, or doing things to “help” a client can sometimes leave you vulnerable to things you can’t imagine. People’s intentions and situations aren’t always apparent, so keeping a business relationship is important. Not to say you must be cold or unyielding, but it is very important to clearly set expectations up front with a client, so both parties are protected, and know what is required for a successful relationship,” says Gena. It is evident that Gena works hard to understand her client’s needs, which is the driving force behind Major Manor’s ability to exceed expectations in the rental market, and their push to redefine “turn-key” property management. They accomplish this by offering clean, freshly painted homes with new or like-new flooring, and for their investor clients they offer a line of credit during periods of vacancy. Asked if Gena and her family have regretted their move from Michigan seven years ago, she smiles and says “Hmmm…80 degree weather, sunshine, a thriving economy, and short winters, or gray skies, 5 months of bitter cold, and limited opportunity - I pick Atlanta!”
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