Major Manor, LLC owns and manages single family homes, townhomes and duplexes. Major Manor, LLC manages its own properties as well as properties for other real estate investors.

Major Manor, LLC has been in business for over 8 years providing customers with high-quality, affordable rentals and lease-to-own options, and is now also working with other investor clients seeking to build wealth through real estate.

Property Rented thru HUDs Housing Choice Voucher Program
“I relocated here from another state and was new to the Section 8 program. My HUD inspector informed me that I was quite fortunate to find such a high caliber property. In addition to living in a really nice home, I have never experienced a landlord who actually treated me as a valued customer.”

A Partnered Way to Home Ownership...
“My wife and I leased this beautiful 1 year old property from Major Manor with the option to buy. We owned the home less than 6 months later! We closed with over $15,000 of equity still left in the property. They seem to truly believe in helping others and not taking advantage of someone.”

Investor Client
“This is my first investment property but not my last!” Major Manor helped me to find the property at a steal of deal, get a killer interest-only mortgage and find a tenant! My cash flow is over $700/month on this one property and I have over $30,000 of equity. I now have a second property under-contract!

We have your Real Estate Solution... whether you are looking to rent, lease to own, or buy investment property.

Snellville, Georgia!
3 beds/ 2 baths!
Split-Level For Sale.

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