In the rental community, Major Manor is looking to “Raise the Bar” and make their name synonymous with “high-quality” and “affordability”. Major Manor properties come standard with new paint, new or like-new flooring, and are professionally cleaned from top to bottom. They are creating a level of expectation when their personalized “For Rent” signs are placed in a yard. Major Manor, LLC is seeking to be the #1 choice for customers looking to rent single family homes, townhomes or duplexes.

Major Manor is offering... A Partnered Way to Homeownership.
Allow us to show you how our Lease-to-Own program will make you a homeowner. You will build equity while leasing your home and in most cases be able to qualify for a loan with no additional monies down at closing. Our purchase prices are set below the home's appraised value which leaves you with equity and the flexibility to take advantage of no money down programs or to cash out the equity after closing. This program requires due diligence but great rewards. So if you would like to advantage of all the benefits that come with home ownership but are not yet able to qualify for traditional bank financing... We will partner with you to make that dream a reality.

Property Management
In the investor community, Major Manor is redefining Turn-Key Property Management. Major Manor’s services include working with its investors to help locate and negotiate buying investment property, find the best investment mortgage, and locate a tenant.
For their investors, Major Manor will extend a line of credit during periods of vacancy for up to two months! Major Manor has 3 important goals for its investors: Maximize Cash Flow, Minimize Turnover, and Build Equity.

Rehabber's Delight!!
Instant Equity!
For Sale.

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